Bird Flower Tub Waterer


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If you want to support bird populations, it is strongly advised to provide a bathtub waterer to counter the scarcity of water areas.

Indeed, it is vital for birds to bathe in order to maintain their plumage (washing and waxing) and to stay hydrated.

Thus, the bathtub drinker allows:

to ensure hydration.
to eradicate parasites (mites, microscopic fungi, etc.).
to guarantee the thermal barrier function of the plumage.
to stabilize the body temperature in case of high heat.
Preserving the body of the birds, the bathtub drinker is an essential accessory to make available.
Bird Flower Tub Waterer
Varnished cast iron
Installation on a smooth surface
Large area to accommodate all sizes of passerines
Waterproof material
Keeps birds hydrated
Allows the essential care of the plumage
Capacity: 180ml
Color: RED and YELLOW


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