Handmade cat tree


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This tree can be a standalone item for your cat to climb and bask in or be part of a larger multi-cat setup. You can add a ramp inclined up or down and to the right or to the left. Wall-mounted cat furniture can help solve some behavior and territory issues in homes where multiple cats live together because it provides them with vertical space. This new generation of wall hammocks is the strongest and most versatile we have ever created. It is made of bamboo, which is more durable and stronger than other woods. Our modular design gives your cat nearly limitless possibilities,
Designed to be mounted along 3 posts spaced 16 inches apart.
Fabric is pre-cut, hemmed, removable and washable
Hidden brackets make furniture appear to float
Product mounts to the wall to free up floor space
Weight tested: 62 per hammock; 85  per shelf
Easy-to-use fixing instructions


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